Anonymous asked: "Don't Go Knockin' On My Door should've been a single from Oops. Bombastic Love from Britney. Breathe on Me from ITZ (I would've liked Showdown too but it might've flopped :/). Toy Soldier, Freakshow, Hot as Ice or Ooh Ooh Baby from Blackout. Trouble should've been an standard track + a single on Circus, and Inside Out, Seal It With a Kiss or He About To Lose Me from FF. Those are my opinions, what do you think? Oh and THANK YOU for taking the time to answer if you do, you rock! :)"

Ok, I’ll do this by album! I agree with you for a lot of them.

  1. jaidenfatale said: Kill The Lights was a single here in Australia back in 2009. It got a lot of radio play but obviously no music video or actual promotion :(
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