Anonymous asked: "I'm so glad you're the one who has this URL. You're probably the most followed Britney blog on tumblr and it's really nice to know that you're always polite to everyone no matter how pushy or annoying they are, and yet are still able to be serious when the time calls for it. It shows the rest of the fanbases that despite how cuckoo we can all sometimes get, that generally, Britney has some of the nicest and sweetest fans around!"

Oh god, this message is so ridiculously sweet? Thank you so so much, I truly appreciate it! I’ve been feeling bad recently because I definitely haven’t been as on top of messages and requests as I used to be because life has been pretty heavy, and I’ve been getting a bunch of “you don’t deserve this url!1!” messages, so I’m kinda discouraged a lot of the time. But stuff like this reminds me of why I put up with the bullshit that comes along with this blog :P. So thank you!

  1. sophiasmommy13181 said: Your doing fine hunni keep up the great work!!!
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