Q: What’s your favourite Britney album?
A: In The Zone, probably. But it’s very closely tied with Blackout and Britney.

Q: What’s your favourite Britney song?
A: My favourite changes all the time, and therefore it’s practically impossible for me to choose just one. So, I’ll name my top three from each album: 

Q: What’s your favourite Britney music video?
A: Toxic

Q: Have you ever met Britney?
A: Nope, unfortunately

Q: Have you ever seen Britney in concert?
A: Yes, three times. Two times at the Circus Starring Britney Spears tour, and one time at the Femme Fatale Tour. I came close to seeing the Onyx Hotel Tour, but couldn’t last minute which still makes me sad to this day.

Q: Can you make me a gif of –insert whatever the hell-?
A: Ok, gif requests. I can’t always promise that I will, but anyone who has seen me do this stuff knows that I try my hardest. When requesting something (and please please please don’t request more than one thing at once- it takes time to make gifs and multiple requests can be very overwhelming), try to make it as specific as possible. The best kind of requests for me are when you give me a link to a video, and then specify which part of the video you wanted giffed as a time bracket.

If you want a music video giffed, you just have to specify which music video and a time bracket if you have one. You don’t have to give me youtube links or whatever, since I already have all her music videos downloaded. It is preferred if you tell me what part you want giffed, but if you just want any gifs of the video, that’s ok too, it just might take a lot more time for me to do… I usually do it on the day or the day after, but with school I might only do it days later if you just give a video and ask to gif it.

If it’s a performance/interview or something, it would be helpful if you link me to it on youtube to an HD video of it, so I can download it from there in HQ if I don’t already have it. Same thing applies here as the music videos- if you give me a time bracket it will most likely be done pretty quickly, but if you just want the whole video randomly giffed, then it could take a while.

Also, please, if you see that a bunch of people are requesting things at one time, DO NOT add on to the requests. Having a ton of different videos requested at once is tiring. Wait until no one has asked for a while, it’s only polite :P.

Q: When did you become a fan of Britney?
A: I always liked her, but I only became a really big fan near the end of the Oops era and near the beginning of the Britney era. I would’ve probably gotten into her sooner, but I wasn’t very exposed to her music that much in 1998/1999 when I was really young.

Q: How old are you/what’s your name/where do you live/can you post a picture of yourself?
A: My name is Kristen, I am 17 years old and I live in Canada. I won’t post a picture of myself on my Britney blog because that’s weird. That’s something to ask on my personal blog, not on a blog that is about Britney.

Q: How do you feel about Lady Gaga/Christina Aguilera/Katy Perry/Beyonce/Madonna/insert whatever other pop star? How do you feel about the rivalries between the fans of various pop stars?
A: I love most of the past big pop stars, and I love most of the current pop stars now as well. I’m a big fan of all the pop stars mentioned in the question. Therefore, I think fan wars are annoying and just make whoever’s starting them look bad, and make the whole fanbase look shitty. Tearing down other pop stars doesn’t make your favourite look any better. And the fact that most of the pop stars like each other makes it completely unnecessary to fight. So basically, I hate fan wars and I avoid them at all costs. That being said, I will not reblog/post any pictures or posts that have any kind of bashing towards another pop star.

Q: How do you make your gifs? What programs do you use?
A: I learned how to make gifs using this tutorial: I use KM Player for capping and Photoshop CS4 for editing.

Q: Why didn’t you answer my question?
A: I answer most questions, but if I didn’t answer your message it could be because: it was hateful and unnecessary (towards me, towards other fans, towards other artists), you used the “submit a post” option instead of my ask box so it wasn’t possible for me to answer, it was something completely irrelevant to Britney, it was obviously tolly, or it was a question that I just answered a few posts ago. If you don’t think your message fit any of those categories, try sending it again as it might’ve just never come through (Tumblr’s been having a lot of problems with messages, so that could definitely be it).

Q: Where do you get your pictures from?
A: Various Britney Spears fan sites (UntouchableBritney, PoorBritney, WorldOfBritney, etc), gossip sites (ONTD mostly), HQ Image Boards (Celebrity City, TLFAN, etc). And other random forums and whatnot

Q: omg stop spamming so much!!!!!!!
A: I do what I want, if it bothers you so much, please unfollow.

Q: What are some other Britney blogs I can follow?
A: I honestly hate answering this question because after I make long lists, there are still people going “OMG, YOU FORGOT ME, YOU BITCH”. So I’m just going to say, search for Britney Spears in tumblr, and you should be able to find a lot of Britney blogs there.

Q: Are you Britney Spears?/Are you an official site connected to Britney?/Are you a friend of Britney’s?
A: No, no and no.

Q: What are Britney’s tattoos?
A: You can find a lot of info about Britney’s tattoos at this site:

Q: Can you follow me as itsbritneybitch?
A: I’m sorry, it’s impossible. Itsbritneybitch is a secondary blog on one account… I have all my blogs under one account/e-mail. Therefore, whenever I message someone/follow someone, it shows as the first blog on the account (which is my personal). So, I can follow you on my personal, but I can’t make it show as itsbritneybitch unfortunately. I would if I could!

Q: Why didn’t you post my submission?
A: It could be because it was bashing another artist, it wasn’t tasteful, or it wasn’t related to/barely related to Britney. But most of the time, I probably just added it to my queue and therefore should be posted in the next few days.